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bellrope-linePattingham band in 1915This photo, which we assumed was of a band of Pattingham ringers, has been on the website for many years without knowing when it was taken or the names of the ringers. We have been contacted by Kenmure Russell, a Pattingham ringer until 1975, who has a copy together with the names of those shown. After the list of names is the note “Bellringers 1915 when Col Boycott was buried.”
Back row: James Monckton, John Blakemore, William Poynton, John Laws, James Ray
Front row: Thomas Law, John Russell, John Caddickbellrope-linePattingham band in 1934This photo was also provided by Kenmure Russell.
Back row: Charles Ray, Norman Kidson, Harold Ray, A. Inett (Churchwarden), Albert Monckton, Harold Warner
Front row: James Ray, A Crutchley (Churchwarden), Rev. T. Scott Rogerson (Vicar), James Monckton, William Poynton
Taken at Hawkestone Park, Salop. Saturday June 2nd 1934bellrope-linephoto17bThis elaborate tablet, which is in the ringing chamber, commemorates the restoration of the tower and augmentation of the bells to 8 in 1865. The black inscribed stone is nearly 3 feet wide and 5 feet high and the whole thing is 5½ feet wide and 9 feet high.bellrope-linephoto27bThe tablet shown above records that the two new trebles added in 1864 were “paid for by subscriptions chiefly raised by James Harper”. This framed poem, which has for many years hung between the outer and inner doors of the church entrance, which is quite a dark area, seems to have been part of that fund raising effort.
The words on the ribbons are the inscriptions on the bells. The first six are on the original 1724 bells and the other is the inscription on the new treble. The new second does not have an inscription other than the names of the vicar, curate, churchwardens and parish clerk, which may be why that bell does not have a ribbon.bellrope-line

photo12b photo28bThere are four peal boards in the ringing chamber.
Three are on one wall and they record peals in 1974, 1982, 1992 and 1993, which were respectively the first peal entirely by a Pattingham band, the first peal of major by a Pattingham band, the last peal on the old oak frame and the first on the new frame.
The other is above the door and records the first peal on the bells in 1865.
There are more detailed images on the pealboards page.bellrope-line

photo10bThe wheel of the tenor was broken by a falling piece of masonry. Part of it now hangs in the ringing chamber and displays the brasses for the Bells of Pattingham Run.bellrope-lineband2007bThis is the Pattingham Sunday Service Ringers at the end of 2007.
Back row: Tony Jackson, Joanne Bramall, Chris Wycherley, Margaret Hadley
Front row: Stephen Dann, Janet Bramall, Norman Bramall, Rex Edwards, Phil Murphy, James Dann, Geoffrey Dann, Betty Jacksonbellrope-lineSignificant birthdays are celebrated with cakesbdphoto01b bdphoto02b bdphoto03b photo14b photo15bbellrope-linephoto13bNorman is enjoying himself while ringing the tenor.bellrope-line

photo11bThe outing in September 2003 was to Warwickshire. The ringers are photographed in the churchyard of Castle Bromwich church.bellrope-linephoto09bThe band celebrate a birthday – we will not embarrass Tony by saying how old he was!bellrope-line


The Pattingham ringers (and friends) on an outing to Monmouthshire in October 2002.bellrope-linephoto03bThis is the band which rang at 12 noon on 1st January 2000 as part of the national “Ring in 2000”.
From left to right:
Carol Higginson, Janet Bramall, Geoffrey Dann, Margaret Davies, Norman Bramall, Trevor Reynolds, Tony Jackson, Rex Edwards.bellrope-linephoto06bThe band of ladies who rang the first quarter peal by an local all ladies band on 19th September 1993.
Left to right: Christine Wycherley, Carol Higginson, Jane Whittall, Sarah Dodd, Gail Baggott, Rosemary Bennett.
The photograph was taken on an outing at St Bartholomew’s, Grimley, Worcestershire.bellrope-linephoto04bThe band who rang the first peal on the bells in the new frame after they were rehung in 1993.bellrope-linephoto07bThe band who rang the first quarter peal on the eight on 2nd March 1993 after the bells were rehung in the new frame.bellrope-linephoto08bThe vicar (Rev. Roy Bradbury) rings the second bell while the Bishop of Wolverhampton (Rt. Rev. Christopher Mayfield) looks on. After the rededication of the bells on 2nd March 1993.bellrope-linephoto02bThis is the band which in 1974 rang the first peal by an all local band.

From left to right:
Jim Stredder, Stuart Bowley, Norman Bramall, Thelma Russell, Harriet Earle, Kenmure Russell.bellrope-line