In the years prior to 1992 the bells became more difficult to ring. This was partly due to movement in the old oak frame. Problems were also being noticed with the tower and it was found that strengthening and repairs were needed to the tower.

It was decided that the repairs to the tower should be combined with the installation of a new steel bell frame, which would provide part of the strengthening of the tower. The bells would also be retuned and new fittings provided.

A fund raising appeal was launched and when the funding was in place the bells were removed and taken to the foundry in August 1992. The repairs to the tower were carried out and the bells were returned, having been retuned, and installed in a new frame. The bells were rung again in December 1992. The carillon was also repaired. The ringers redecorated the ringing chamber, including the provision of wood panelling on the walls.

During the Patronal Festival Service on St. Chad's Day 1993 (2nd March) the Bishop of Wolverhampton rededicated the church bells and led an act of thanksgiving for the work on the bells, the strengthening of the tower and the restoration of the carillon.

A photographic record was made by Jane Whittall (one of the ringers) and is kept in the tower for future generations to be able to look at. The following pages of this website reproduce most of that record.

Jane also wrote an article which appeared on the cover of The Ringing World, which you can see if you click here.

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