Peals and Quarter Peals

1865 peal board
Peal board for first peal on the bells

There have been 36 peals rung since 1969 which included at least one ringer who was a member of the Pattingham band at the time. The first peal by an all Pattingham band was in 1974, since when there have been four more.
Details of all the peals which included a local ringer are here.

There is a list of all peals rung at St. Chad’s Pattingham with the ability to see details of those peals on the Staffordshire peals website.

Peal boards
More recent peal boards

There are four peal boards in the tower which can be seen here.

There is no record of all quarter peals rung on these bells but the band has kept records of those quarter peals rung by the local band since 1982. Details of those quarter peals are here.