Bell Sunday 2024

Service for Bell Sunday 12th May 2024

Bell Sunday

Our back six bells were cast in 1724 so are 300 years old this year. This anniversary was marked during the evening service on Bell Sunday, which was 12th May.

The four hymns all related to bells or bellringers and during the service Geoffrey Dann, our Ringing Master, gave a talk, with illustrations, about the bells and their history. Trevor Reynolds, a long standing member of the band, had died in the preceding week and the model bell which he made in 1991 (which demonstrates how a bell is rung) was placed in front of the altar so that the congregation could see it.

The hymns were:

  • We Who Ring the Bells of Churches (Tune – Hyfrydol)
  • Unchanging God Who Livest (Tune – Belfry Praise)
  • Glad Bells Ring Loud and Clear (Tune – Moscow)
  • Ring Out the Bells and let the People Know (Tune – Woodlands)

At the end of the service there was a surprise musical item when the choir sang an adaptation of the Beatles song “For the benefit of Mr Kite.”

For the benefit of Geoffrey Dann 
There will be a peal tonight on Parish bells
The bell ringers will all be there
Thistle with Jo and several more - hear the yells!
Over Shropshire and Staffs just for starters
Lastly through a course head of real firing!
We shall see Geoffrey Dann challenge the world!

The celebrated Mr Dann
Performs his feat in Pattingham near Wolverhampton
The bell ringers will dance and sing
As Mr D tries hard to ring don’t be late
Whittall J assures the exercise
His composition will be second to none
And of course cries will be hoarse if it is false!

Our service begins at half-past six
When Mr Dann performs his tricks without a round
Brian and John will demonstrate
Ten quarter peals they’ll undertake entirely sound
Having been some days in preparation
A splendid time is guaranteed for all
And tonight, Mr Dann is topping the bill.

(with apologies to Lennon and McCartney)

The service was enjoyed by all who attended. The non ringers in the congregation said that they had learnt things about the bells which the did not know and the ringers enjoyed singing “ringers’ hymns” and being able to talk about ringing to other members of the congregation over tea, coffee and cakes afterwards.