blue line
Blue Line
plain lead
Plain Lead
The working bells plain hunt, except when the treble leads. At the treble lead one bell makes seconds, the bells in 3-4 dodge and the bell in 5ths place lies for 4 blows.

Order of Work

At a bob:
Blob the bell which would make 2nds runs out - next work is 2nds
Blob the bell which would dodge 3-4 down runs in - next work is 3-4 down
Blob the bell which would dodge 3-4 up makes 4ths and goes in - next work 4 blows in 5ths

By place passing treble going up
  pass treble at plain lead at bob
Blob 1-2 make seconds run out
Blob 2-3 dodge 3-4 up make 4ths and down
Blob 3-4 4 blows in 5ths unaffected
Blob 4-5 dodge 3-4 down run in
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